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Grass Fed - Pastured Steers

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  Standefer Farms sits nestled on 124 acres in Soddy Daisy, TN.  

Our steers are grass fed and roam freely on our land.  

NO Antibiotics - NO Preservatives - NO added Hormones 

Our Steer Herd


 We have a great selection of Black Angus, Charolais, Hereford, Angus / Hereford Cross, and Charolais / Hereford Cross.Call today for your farm appointment. Select your steer of choice. We will take care of processing, aging, and packaging.   

Straight from our Farm to your Table.



 Pricing is based on weight.  This is the approx cost based on a live 1200 pound steer. Approx 40% of Live Weight (480 pounds) is the typical amount of take home beef. $7 per pound would be $2875 for the whole steer.
Here is an example of how 480 pounds of trimmed beef is broken down
180 pounds lean trim, or ground beef
80 pounds round roasts and steaks
90 pounds chuck roasts and steaks
80 pounds rib and loin steaks
50 pounds other cuts (brisket, flank, short ribs, skirt steak) 
A favorite choice by many locals is to go in with other families and split the steer cost.  For approximately $718 4 families would take home approx 120 pounds of grass fed, No added hormones, No antibiotic, No preservative, Clean Beef.